Sheep Shearing


Sheep shearing is a big event on the Farm, it  is also very hard work. Here, Graham and Helen work as a team as today they manage to shear over 150 ewes. The setup takes about 1/2 an hour and the shearing knife is powered by a small generator. Next Graham and Helen shepherd the sheep into pens and then further divide them up into groups of 20. The ewes are very strong and some difficult to handle but Graham is an expert. During the season he will shear over 10,000 ewes. I ask him does he get back ache and he says after you have done the first 3 or 4 you get into a ‘system’ and from then on its easy ! Helen does all the prep work, checking  the ewes as they are released for any sign of injury and gathers the wool into those big wool sacks. Each sack contains 20 wool bundles. These get delivered to Kent Wool Growers and are washed and often used for house insulation. Before the advent of electricity and generators all this was done by hand by shearing scissors, one of which is on display in the cottage. It must of taken the old shepherd ages to do his flock every year.

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