The old trough

troughWhen I was turning out all the leftovers in the old Barn and I found this. It is very old and rusty and not a lot of good but it does give us an indication of life on the farm in the old days. Its a traditional cast iron pig feeding trough.  The bars on the trough stop the pigs stepping into it and tipping it over. A new one of these would be anything up to £200 at todays prices. On one of my visits to the Archive Office in Lewes I found a very old document by estate agents called Vidler & Son who used to be well known in this area for agricultural sales. In this little booklet there was a very interesting list of all the items for sale on the Farm when it was sold in the early 1900s. As well as old wagons, milk churns, stepladders and many others items of interest, the sale involved some livestock. Sheep, poultry and a few pigs. The pigs would have been an essential part of a small farm holding in the last century. They would have been fatten during the year using scraps from household waste and spare vegetables from the the cottage garden. Often farmhouses had curing rooms to smoke the pork and preserve it for using in the winter. It is been very interesting discovering these items and figuring out how the old farmer and his family used to live on the Farm years ago.

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