Bumblebees are coming home !

Excellent news regarding Bumblebees. Coldharbour Farm has been selected as an ideal place to reintroduce the short- haired bumblebee. This bee was last seen in the UK around Dungeness in 1988 and a special project led by Dr Nikki Gammans visited the Farm last year. Following which we were invited to an detailed field visit and open day on the marsh around Rye to discuss this exciting project and how we could help. Apparently the environment around Stone is ideal for these special types of bees. Nikki is now in New Zealand overseeing the breeding of these bees and soon will be transporting them back to the UK and so once again they will be seen in England.  We are pleased to get involved in this activity, not only do many of you staying in the cottage find it interesting but it is a very worthwhile cause to be part of. Lets hope it all works out !

 Further information and literature is found in the cottage and on www.bumblebeeconservation.org/subt_project.html and before anyone mentions it, the photo is a swarm of wasps which I saw on the Farm in 2006, they are not bees !

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