Fun & Games on the Farm


Like now and in the past, a bit of snow can be great fun for the children. For those staying in the cottage it proved to be so this week as the family made a snowman for a special little person called Pheobe.

It would have been much the same in the old days when the family lived on the Farm. We know that the farmers family lived a demanding and yet happy life. Much of the time spent with the children would be with the Mother as the Father spent most of the day working in the fields whatever the weather. Simple pleasures like playing in the snow would have caused a lot of fun during the snowy winter season. The snowman would have been dressed with carrots (for the nose) and potatoes (for the eyes) from the cottage garden. An old cap and pair of gloves from Dads collection would have completed the figure.

Recently, when travelling in the Arctic with Ray Mears I was taught the importance of the snow ‘doughnut’ to the travellers. I wonder if you know what this is? Water is important and to be able to obtain fresh water in a harsh environment is a great skill. One of the skills you can learn on our Country Tours !

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