Late Lambing – just a few hours old

A number of factors including the colder than usual winter has meant that some of the lambs have been born later in the year than normal.  Most ewes give birth from April 1st but this one decided to leave it later than usual and produced triplets as a bonus ! The farmer will mark the lambs as soon as they are born and will spray their underside to prevent diseases. He will also bring them into the Barn overnight and possibly for the next few days while the lambs gain strength and begin to feed from the mother. The Barn offers protection from the weather and the foxes and badgers.

Any of the lambs which need nurturing are milked by hand using rich full fat milk which is high in protein. This enables the lambs to grow strong and healthy from an early age.  Guests staying in the cottage are encouraged and welcome to help milk the little lambs in the morning and evening !

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