Delicious Cherries

For the first year since I arrived we have had a bumper crop of cherries! There are 2 cherry trees in the old cottage garden amongst the damsons, quince and pear trees. This year the birds don’t seem to have cleaned them out which means that the guests in the cottage have managed to taste some real fresh English cherries. The old farmer and his wife in years past would have relied on the fruit collected from these trees and particularly the blackberries (coming soon) to make jam, chutneys and cakes. There are many varieties of cherry and we have 2 on the Farm. They are RAINER cherries which are large, sweet and have partially yellow/golden skins (see photo of current crop!)  They generally come later in the season. We also have dark red cherries which we think are AMARELLE and they don’t taste so good. These are harder and used mainly for cooking. So its interesting to learn that what was planted many years ago was done so with care and good planning. The sweeter cherries were eaten during the summer and the others for cooking or even jam and stored no doubt in jars in the kitchen larder.

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