Old Slate Tiles

Life on the Farm is very busy. The pigs need feeding as do the chickens, the sheep need looking after everyday and we have been replacing some of the old fencing to make it easier to manage the fields. Back in the old days when the farmer and his wife used to run the farm on their own, they had some cattle too ! – how did they manage ?  Lavender needs picking and stuffed in small pouches to perfume the cottage, fruit had to be picked, damsons, quince and loads of blackberries are now in season. All this then had to made into pies, chutneys and jams ready for the coming winter. And on top of that, they had to bring up a young family and keep them active as well. The children would have had old slate to draw and write upon and this picture seems to some up the busy summer at Coldharbour. A young guest stayed in the cottage earlier in the year and drew this on the slate board in the kitchen.

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