Old Signs become New

As the nights draw in and the clocks go back it is time for general maintenance on the Farm. Many years ago a family used to live in the cottage, the farmer, his wife and their children. Their way of life was to be self sufficient as much as possible. They grew their own crops, tended the stock and were kept busy with household chores in between. We have tried to re create this at Coldharbour and its hard work ! In the evenings the Farmer would have been in his workshop with a lantern for light and worked until he was tired on small projects which would save him and his family money. The signs would have been made from wood stripped from trees in the forest and etched out using a chisel. You need a skilled hand to do this so I opted for some black paint and a steady hand.!  All good fun. We always encourage guests who stay on the farm to help out doing chores and to get a feel of life in the ‘old days’.

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