Beautiful Spring Colours

The last few days have seen the sun shine and the temperatures nice and warm on the Farm. The main activity now for the Farmers is the lambing with some tiny lambs being born in the Old Barn. With all this going on its easy to miss the colourful blossom on the trees in the cottage garden. This is a very old cherry tree with both pink and white blossom. At some stage we think another cherry tree was grafted onto the main trunk as we get two types of cherries from this tree. So it’s a bit unique.

It’s a wonderful time of year to watch the daffodils flower and all the plants spring into life. The clocks going back and the evenings now lighter the old farmer and his wife would be busy preparing the fruit and vegetable patches for the coming season. Life would have been very busy on the Farm for the whole family – and I would think, a happy one too.

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