Early to rise

In the old kitchen we have a slate tile which people use for shopping lists and messages. Slate roofs were a commonly feature in the old days particularly on barns in Kent & Sussex. With slate tiles a pitch of a roof can be less than the more traditional peg tiles because the rain water could not get underneath.  It also meant the old farmers could build larger and cheaper agricultural structures  for their farm animals. An example of this is on one of the outshuts adjacent to the old Barn at Coldharbour.

Just recently some guests who stayed in the cottage drew this lovely picture of a cockerel. This bird would definitely have been a feature on the old farm roaming about in the yard, picking up the scraps and perhaps sitting on a high perch keeping watch over the hens during the day. Today, we do have some chicken on the Farm and many of you have tasted the delicious fresh eggs for breakfast.  But we don’t have a cockerel – not sure if the guests would appreciate a 4am wakeup call whilst they are on holiday !

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