The Big Day


Life on the farm will never be the same again! The ‘farmer’ got married on June 1st and we had a lovely day. The weather was hot and sunny with beautiful blue skies. We got married in a chapel in Tunbridge Wells and had a reception for family and friends at  a hotel nearby.

I often refer to the Farmer and his wife who used to live in Coldharbour Cottage with his family. Much of the information found in the cottage, the rooms, this website, the puzzles and quiz for guests and the photos relate to what farm life used to be like back in the 1800s. A wedding in the family would have been a joyful occasion often celebrated by all the local people in the village. The family would have walked to Stone Church for the wedding ceremony and returned across the fields to the cottage to celebrate on the Farm. One can imagine the children running in the fields, the farmers wife arranging a big picnic on the cottage lawns with lots of homemade food and drink for the guests. It would have been a fun day.

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