Lapwings in the Snow

We have spotted a number of lapwings just in the last 2 or 3 weeks when we have had snowfalls on the Farm. This is quite unusual. It has a call like the seagull but seem very tame. Working on the Farm last week they would land very close perhaps just 5 metres away.

They love farmland, scratching around in the grass for bugs and insects. They have  a short legs and a funny tuft on their head which makes them instantly recognisable. They are often in pairs and could be seen swooping around the farm buildings at Coldharbour clearly having a lot of fun.

We have a Wildlife Book in the Cottage where we encourage visitors and guests to write down any birds or other wildlife they have seen within 5 miles of the Farm. The book is getting very full! – there is so much to see and learn.  I often say whenever you go for a walk around the Farm you will invariably see something different, whether its a plant, a shrub, an insect, a bird or even a footprint or track on the ground.

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