New Arrivals

Last week saw the arrival of a dozen laying chicken to Coldharbour.  A new chicken house has been made using recycled timber left from the Wagon Lodge Project. There are many different types ranging from Bluebells, Golden Lines, White Star and Silver Sussex.

In days past on the Farm, keeping poultry was a necessity not a hobby. Generally speaking it was the housewife who looked after and cared for the chickens (!) Old books that we have found that detail the livestock at Coldharbour many years ago include flocks of chicken which used to roam the farmyard feeding off scraps in the garden and throw outs from the kitchens.

You can learn more about the history of Coldharbour Farm and perhaps help out collecting the eggs, feeding the chicken and locking them up for the night when you next visit. Guests enjoy the fresh eggs for breakfast – with a few more chickens now on the Farm, there is plenty to go round.

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