Field Mushrooms

Its the time of year and all of a sudden there are lots of mushrooms in the fields. These familiar shaped field mushrooms are delicious cooked in butter and ideal for a cooked breakfast.  The Field Mushroom, Agaricus campestris, is the most commonly eaten wild mushroom in the British Isles.  Meadows grazed by sheep, cattle or horses sometimes produce vast quantities of these fungi in summer and early autumn… but not every year, unfortunately. Always be sure to identify mushrooms before you attempt to eat them as some are poisonous.

In days passed the occupants of Coldharbour Cottage would have sought food and herbs from the surrounding fields. Berries, wild plants and mushrooms would have been part of a staple diet and any spare would have been pickled or preserved – none would be wasted. There is much to be said of the taste quality of wild food v supermarket food and much healthier too.

Its great fun when we have the time to wander the fields on the farm taking photos of anything wild or natural – whenever you go there is always something different to catch your imagination – if you take time out to look.



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