Robin Family stay at Coldharbour


Seeing a robin in the snow is very special. This photo I took over the weekend. For robins food in winter is just as important as shelter and that’s why we find them near our chicken run. They stop by to pick up a few seeds or some layers mash lying around the chicken feeders. We now have a family of robins staying on the Farm. Water is very important too, robins like to wash in water as a clean bird is a warm bird. We put out clean water for the chickens every morning but since the snow has arrived here we have to ensure that it doesn’t freeze so all drinkers are bought into storage overnight. Its an exciting time when the snow arrives as we go tracking in the snow and see badger, stoat, rabbit and lots of different bird footprints. Very often we draw them and refer to them in our handbooks found in the cottage. Guests are encouraged to join in and spot unusual prints – so far we have managed to identify all of them. Happy tracking !

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