Blizzards and Cold Winds


We have seen some snowfalls on the farm in the last 2 or 3 weeks which make for some good photographs.

Its a difficult time for the farmers who have to tend to the sheep in the morning and evening. As it gets nearer to lambing time the sheep have to be feed with supplements to keep them in good condition. Now a days this is in the form of mixed pellets and of course hay which has been stored over winter. In the old times the farmer and his wife would have fed them hay by hand. This would mean getting up 3 or 4am every day and taking it out into the fields in all weathers. Looking back into the history of the farm at Coldharbour this work was all done by one family (who lived in the cottage). Not only did they have 100s of sheep but they had cows, a few chickens and some goats. How did they have the time to look after all these animals ?

Its hard, its bleak and its very cold when the snow comes and those of you in stay in the cottage in the warm can only think of those days on the farm in days gone by. Maybe on your next visit you can help us with some of the work and enjoy some practical farming experience – many do and they enjoy it.


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