New Barn – Project 3 Complete


Many of you have followed with interest the story of Coldharbour Farm over the last 8 years. Those who have stayed in the cottage will remember the old tin barn sitting very forlorn on the landscape.

Over the past 12 months we have had a team of very special carpenters working very hard to bring the Barn back to life – now as a nice new home to live in. We employed a local company called Cox Restorations which have great expertise in Barn conversions – indeed they have restored some 80 Barns in Kent & Sussex over the last 20 years. So they know what they are doing.

The Barn was originally built about 250 years ago and would have been used for wheat storage and latterly for winter housing of various farm animals. We have evidence that Cattle, pigs as well as sheep used to occupy the Barn. When the wheat was stored in the Barn the large heavy laden wagons would have been driven into the main entrance (hence the high roof) and then unloaded into the Barn for threshing and then driven out the other end which has a lower roof line. Its all very interesting. In addition over 80% of the original wood has been retained and strengthened and there are many carpenters marks, fascinating joinery details and high vaulted ceilings which  can be enjoyed for years to come.

Coldharbour Farm now has a Farmhouse Cottage,  a wagon lodge and a Kent Barn – all restored for future generations, just how it used to be many years ago.




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