Collecting Eggs on the Farm


Fresh eggs for breakfast is one thing that those who stay at Coldharbour Cottage enjoy. They certainly taste better than the ones you get from most supermarkets. The chickens are free range and are looked after daily sometimes by little helpers staying in the cottage.

Just recently we had Clara staying on the Farm and she enjoyed collecting the eggs every day from the hen house and keeping a log of how many were laid. The eggs are collected and packed in empty boxes. Sometimes when we have some spare we sell them for £1 which goes towards the cost of the feed.

Years ago on the Farm looking after the chickens would have been the task for the housewife. No doubt she too would have encouraged her children to help feed the chickens and collect the eggs every day. She would also show them how to carefully handle the chickens, the eggs and look after their general welfare.  At night they are closed up in the Hen House for safety (from Mr Fox) and opened again the next day. The mother would have used all the eggs for baking and cooking, none would go to waste. All food scraps would be fed to the chickens too.

Clara certainly enjoyed her little job on the Farm and at the end of the week she received her very own egg – a nice chocolate one.!

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