Hot Days and Blue Skies


It could be Africa, long dry grass gently blowing in the wind.

Summer holidays this year at Coldharbour have been fabulous with long hot sunny days and clear skies. Guests staying in the cottage have sat outside well into the evening taking in the spectacular views across the marshes towards the sea. We have setup BBQs, open fires and enjoyed our time with some fun evenings with the guests. Many of you are re booking for next year already – lets hope we get similar weather !

Meanwhile on the Farms around it has been a busy month too, with Combine Harvesters, Balers all working flat out to bring the harvest in for another season. A good year for hay baling will mean winter food to go in storage for those cold days and nights to come. Very often we cut the remaining long grass and then put out to sheep grazing. The sheep have to be tended to day and night and provided with water during the hot days. The difficulty is finding them in the long grass!

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