Long Grass and Stunning Views



One of my favourite views and it seems the guests who stay at the Cottage like it too!  There are two ponds in our Top Field which used to be old iron ore pits. They are full of life; we see moorhens, wild ducks, woodpeckers and many insects here. As the seasons change so does the wildlife and plant life. And its so peaceful. Many of our guests who stay in the cottage take a morning walk around the fields enjoying the scenery and taking photos whilst the young children love playing around in the long grass.

One can only imagine in the years passed how the farmer, his wife and family used to enjoy walking the fields. For the farmer it would have been a very early start as he would be checking the livestock in all weathers, taking the feed to them and making sure fresh water was available for the cattle, the sheep, the pigs and the few chicken that were kept on the Farm in those days.  The wife would collect the wild mushrooms, the blackberries and pears that grow wild on the farm (even today) and be busy storing essential supplies for the onset of winter. The children would walk to school in Stone across the fields and past the church and no doubt run back when the school day ended. Life would have been good on the Farm.

Come and enjoy this life and stay in the cottage, fire up the inglenook and enjoy a log fire and sample life at Coldharbour. If you want to help on the Farm, please say so – there is always something to do !



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