Birds of Prey at Coldharbour

The Team from Sky Birds of Prey came to Coldharbour last week and we had a fabulous day on the Farm.  We watched the birds fly, we learnt some amazing facts from the handlers about these fascinating birds too. Did you know falcons can fly up to 200mph ? we know because we saw them!  A Barn Owl eyes are fixed, they don’t move but they have amazing hearing. The shape of their face acts like a sonar receiving any slight noise from far away. They are truly amazing creatures.

Paul and his team from Sky Birds of Prey  were excellent and showed us 5 different birds. (Thank you Paul!) We even got to be handlers ourselves with the birds landing on our arms – (with gloves on of course!)

We can arrange these visits to coincide with your stay at the Cottage – please ask Andrew for further details here










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