Meet Harry the Donkey




We have a new addition at Coldharbour Farm. A few weeks ago saw the arrival of a little donkey who we have named as Harry. He came from a Donkey Sanctuary up north and had a long journey before arriving at the Farm. We have spent the last 3 weeks building Harry’s special Hut.  He has taken a few days settling in but is a very sociable little fellow and loves watching us and the guests go about our daily lives.

Donkeys on a farm are used to protect other livestock. Being sociable they are known to ‘look after’ sheep and lambs from foxes, badgers and dogs. Harry also chases rabbits around the paddock which is quite funny to watch!

He loves pony nuts for breakfast and for supper. He certainly knows when its feeding time as he stands by the feed room door!  The young children staying at the cottage feed him carrots which he happily munches away.

Today is a special day as its his first birthday!


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