Happy Christmas to Coldharbour Friends!


Its December and time to say Happy Christmas to you all!

The year started off very wet. Wetter than we have known it for many years on the Farm. It seemed to rain for the whole month except for the odd dry day. Ponds were full to the brim!











A little later in the year we had the Sky Bird Expedition Team arrive at the cottage to give a fabulous demonstration of some fine birds of prey for our guests. My favourite one is the Barn Owl. After many tough years they are making a come back in our area, indeed we regularly see ‘our’ Barn Owl around the Farm and along the canals.


Then Harry arrived to much amusement from the guests and as he is wont – promptly tried to escape up the driveway!



The Coldharbour Chickens all thought it was fun having more friends on the Farm. We had guests look after the chickens during their stay and enjoying the farm work – more volunteers required please!

We even had time to do some Country Tours around the area and the famous Coldharbour BBQ afterwards


Then we became very famous with an article in the national Take a Break Magazine – which was great!



We have to have fun, so we tried a bit of fencing which went a little wrong but all fixed now! (dont’ laugh) and then we ended the year with an inspection and was awarded 4 stars and a Gold Award !!



So finally HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you all !

Enjoy the holidays


( Full Diary Download here)

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