Bluebells in the sun


Bluebells seem to pop up everywhere, but they look great so we don’t mind. Took this photo of the front of the cottage early this morning as the sun rose. We have some chairs on a small decking area at the front of the cottage to catch the sun in the morning – just for you to have breakfast outside. A lot of our guests do!

In the afternoon the sun hits the Garden Room for those of you who like a nap after lunch sitting in a nice easy chair admiring the view across the valley. Then later it shines on the patio at the back of the cottage for teatime or an evening BBQ which we can provide for you.



And for the children we have a kiddies trampoline, a slide and some bat and ball games.

We can arrange cycle hire, horseriding and even a trip in the Landrover – only if you are good though!


Last Minute Special Offers for the following weeks (16th May, 6th June and 20th June) are now available.

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