Burnet Moth


I spotted this a couple of weeks ago on the Farm –  a very colourful Burnet Moth. I’m pretty sure this is a five spotted burnet not a six as sometimes the spots can be fused together. Its the first time I have seen one of these. We had a visit from the Defra Inspector who did a Farm Survey and was very pleased with progress. Coldharbour Farm has been awarded a Higher Level Stewardship Agreement to maintain the wildlife and flowers on the Farm. The scheme has been running for a number of years and nature has taken hold, not only with an abundance of wild flowers but lots of new varieties too. On our short visit we identified over 12 species of grasses and plants that are crucial to sustain the wildlife habitat in the area. So I got full marks and was very chuffed.

Many of our guests enjoy walks on the Farm. Keep a look out as you will be sure to find something new or interesting.



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