Lights, Camera, Action at Coldharbour Cottage


It’s been all lights, sound and action at Coldharbour Cottage! Last weekend we hosted a film crew who used the cottage as their location for a period drama based in WW1.  It was extremely busy! 18 members of crew, a chef and 3 well-known cast members. Not to mention the loads and loads of equipment! Here are some photos…


The film is about a soldier visiting a remote farmhouse to see the mother, and her daughter, who had recently lost her son in battle. He had supposedly seen their son killed in action. The first glimpse of the ‘soldier’ is as he walks across the fields whilst Matilda is chopping logs.


The mother was reading quietly in the living room as the soldier knocked on the door …


They had tea together in the parlour,


but there was a twist in the tale…. (as there usually is)!

The film company is based in London and, once the final editing of the film is complete, we are told it will be shown at film festivals all around the world.  All very exciting!



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