Hay Bale Mountain at Coldharbour Farm


It’s been very busy on the Farm as we had two of our fields cut for hay. First the tractor came with the mower to cut the grass, then it came back a few days later to ‘toss the hay’, then it came back again a further few days later to lay the hay into very neat rows…



Finally the hay was baled and left in the field. Now the hard work really began as it had to be collected by hand and stacked up into the hay ‘mountain’. Phew! That was exhausting!


It took several days, in the hot sun, to complete. The last bale done, hooray!!IMG_0217

Now all we have to do is sell them – let me know if you are interested – we can’t deliver overseas though!!!

Please see our calendar for up to date availability for Coldharbour Cottage – and if anyone is interested in helping to stack hay bales in summer 2017 – contact me! 🙂

Thank you.

PS: If anyone would like to guess how many hay bales we had this summer – let me know! A prize for the one who gets nearest to the actual total. Answer will be shown on the next Coldharbour Cottage Post!

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My guess is ???? Hay Bales!

Thank you, Andrew

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