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Happy Christmas from Coldharbour Cottage

It’s December again and time to send our good wishes and greetings to all our friends who know and have stayed at Coldharbour Cottage.

It’s been a very busy year too, with folks coming to stay from all over the world.

On the farm we have done the first year of lambing our own stock and hope to build on this again next year. Project 4 starts next year all being well so keep posted and up to date with all that’s happening on the Farm.

A few pictures to remind you of your special place in Kent…



Have a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year!

See you all  next year (we hope), bookings being taken for summer holidays already.

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Spectacular Sunsets

More than ever during the last few weeks we have seen some spectacular sunsets up here on the Farm. Guests staying in the cottage take the photos and we can’t help but take some too. With such a large open sky with no artificial street lights what you see is like a glorious painting which is simply stunning.

Sun going down

The end of another day on the Farm

Capturing the moment, tripod and lens already for the best photos!

And finally the sun sets behind the trees. Time to say goodnight.


Coldharbour Cottage is open all year and we are now taking bookings for 2018. Some guests have already booked! If you want specific dates in 2018 please let us know as soon as possible so you can secure dates.

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Thank you.


View from the window

Yes, this is the view from the window in the Garden Room.  You can see the two counties (Kent and Sussex) and the English channel – even the ships on the sea.

On a clear day you can see for miles and miles and, looking the other way, as far as Folkestone and the Canterbury Hills. The weather has been fabulous this month; clear skies, sunny days, light winds and crisp fresh mornings. The autumn is a great time to visit. If you can pull yourself away from the views at Coldharbour Cottage, the local towns of Rye and Tenterden are a great day out and a lot less busy than in the summer.

We have two weeks on special this autumn – on a first come first serve basis.

                         14th October 7 nights, 28th October 7 nights for just £495 p/week

We are taking bookings for next year so its time to plan your holidays for 2018 🙂

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Spring Clean – pots & pans

This is the time of year when all the copper items in the cottage are cleaned up. It’s hard (phew) and dirty work but when completed they look super cool.

In the years past copper pots and pans would have been used for cooking over the open fire in the living room and it was generally thought that a clean set of copper pots meant a well organised household. So I had no choice but to clean hard to make them super shiny!

We also have some information boards in each room detailing how they used to look when the farm cottage was inhabited about 200 years ago by the old farmer and his wife. These boards are very interesting; a lot of the information was gathered from the local Museum of Kent Life in Maidstone. For example: what was a Parlour used for? Where was the old bakery oven?  What are the big hooks used for in the kitchen and so on. Come, stay and learn about the history of Coldharbour Cottage. It’s fun for the children too. 🙂

Well, after a couple of hours and a few drinks later it was complete – I even cleaned up the brass pipes in the cottage. It all helps us to achieve the 4 star Visit Britain Rating which sets the highest standards for Holiday Let Accommodation throughout the country.

Thank you for all those who have booked to stay at the cottage this year. There are still some weeks available, please look at the calendar on the homepage or contact here today or message through Facebook.   fb

Happy New Year!

Early morning photograph of the fog hanging in the valley beside the cottage. All is quiet, guests having a lie in and not a whisper from the animals!

The guests had to leave a few hours later to return home after their holiday. However, they left a lovely letter in the cottage…

“We had a wonderful time at Coldharbour Cottage. Thank you for the presents and the little chocolate treats which we found in our rooms. We will definitely return in the very near future – we only live just across the Channel!”

Thank you and best wishes to you all for 2017


Happy Christmas from Coldharbour Cottage

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2017

The cottage is all nicely decorated now for the guests arriving for Christmas, goodies under the tree, garlands hanging from the old timber beams and crackers to make you laugh.


We have enjoyed this year on the Farm, greeting many new visitors from all over the world as far away as Australia and the USA.

We were transformed into a film set in April for the first time and maybe one day the little cottage will be famous onscreen!


For the first time we have our own livestock – 20 Romney ewes were bought from Ashford Market ready to lamb in the spring  (helpers required!). We now have over 150 sheep on the farm.

For the first time our fields were cut for hay bales – and yes we had 1300 bales in total! Well done for those guessing the amount (see previous post here). What I didn’t tell you was, we had another large stack round the corner out of sight! Ha ha! 🙂

We had a lovely, hot summer this year too with many BBQs on the Farm with guests and finally a lot of fun doing our Country Tours.



See you all  next year (we hope), bookings being taken for summer holidays already.

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Hay Bale Mountain at Coldharbour Farm


It’s been very busy on the Farm as we had two of our fields cut for hay. First the tractor came with the mower to cut the grass, then it came back a few days later to ‘toss the hay’, then it came back again a further few days later to lay the hay into very neat rows…



Finally the hay was baled and left in the field. Now the hard work really began as it had to be collected by hand and stacked up into the hay ‘mountain’. Phew! That was exhausting!


It took several days, in the hot sun, to complete. The last bale done, hooray!!IMG_0217

Now all we have to do is sell them – let me know if you are interested – we can’t deliver overseas though!!!

Please see our calendar for up to date availability for Coldharbour Cottage – and if anyone is interested in helping to stack hay bales in summer 2017 – contact me! 🙂

Thank you.

PS: If anyone would like to guess how many hay bales we had this summer – let me know! A prize for the one who gets nearest to the actual total. Answer will be shown on the next Coldharbour Cottage Post!

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My guess is ???? Hay Bales!

Thank you, Andrew

Three Bags full

Sheep shearing happens every year on the Farm but this year it is a little bit special. 🙂

For the first time we have our own sheep (Romney ewes) grazing around the Farm and a few days ago we had them all shorn. The fleeces were wrapped up and put in special bags. In fact, there were 3 bags full which reminded us of an old English rhyme that goes like this….

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, sir, yes, sir,
Three bags full;
One for the master,
And one for the dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down the lane.

Andrew has been singing this every morning for the last 2 weeks!!


Come and stay on the Farm this autumn and join in the fun!




Snowballs in May!


Just had to post this photo taken from our fields right outside Coldharbour Cottage. The blossom on the hawthorn is amazing this year – like giant snowballs in the fields!

We have a number of seats around the farm – we call them viewpoints – where you can just sit, watch and admire the view. Or even take a flask of tea, some chocolate biscuits and a good book to read. Get ‘lost’ for a while – it’s good for you. 🙂

We have a few days available in June – have a look on our calendar on the homepage for up-to-date information.

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Lights, Camera, Action at Coldharbour Cottage


It’s been all lights, sound and action at Coldharbour Cottage! Last weekend we hosted a film crew who used the cottage as their location for a period drama based in WW1.  It was extremely busy! 18 members of crew, a chef and 3 well-known cast members. Not to mention the loads and loads of equipment! Here are some photos…


The film is about a soldier visiting a remote farmhouse to see the mother, and her daughter, who had recently lost her son in battle. He had supposedly seen their son killed in action. The first glimpse of the ‘soldier’ is as he walks across the fields whilst Matilda is chopping logs.


The mother was reading quietly in the living room as the soldier knocked on the door …


They had tea together in the parlour,


but there was a twist in the tale…. (as there usually is)!

The film company is based in London and, once the final editing of the film is complete, we are told it will be shown at film festivals all around the world.  All very exciting!