All press enquiries can be directed to:

Andrew Jempson
Coldharbour Cottage
Knock Hill
TN30 7JX

Telephone : 01797 230214 (Day)
07733 142336 (24/7)

All media enquiries will be replied to within 12 hours. Regular updates are available by subscribing to the RSS Feed.
The photographs have all been taken by Andrew Jempson. They can be reproduced and copied for publishing material, all I ask is that out of courtesy you let me know.


2006 Coldharbour Cottage opens in 2006 as a Self Catering Unit. Sleeps up to 6 people. 4 Star Visit Britain Rating
2007 Introduction of Kids Quiz, Treasure Hunts and Farmyard
2007 Winner of the SE Self Catering of the Year (1st time entered)
2008 Old Wagon Lodge built (games room)
2009 Country Tours launched for clients
2009 Gold Award Winner of the SE Catering of the Year
Andrew trained with Ray Mears in the Arctic for 10 days in 2005 learning basic survival skills in sub zero temperatures.
Andrew was invited on a trip with Ray Mears in Namibia in 2006 for 3 weeks in the desert, one of those was living with the Kalahari Bushmen in the north east where hunting and tracking skills were learnt. Andrew won the top prize for the best photograph of the trip which now hangs in Ray Mears office!
Ray Mears is a Bushcraft Expert who has appeared on several BBC Series the latest being Northern Wilderness Autumn 2009.

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