Themed Weeks

Combine a stay at the cottage with one of these Award Winning Country Tours


Local Farm & History Tour

theme_localfarmMany years ago a lovely lady called Joyce used to live in Coldharbour Cottage. During her last years she was cared for by two people (sisters) from Wittersham. So the first stop today is to meet the sisters and recall some of the stories of Coldharbour over a cup of tea / morning coffee. Enjoy the fun stories and hear how Joyce used to manage up on the hill during the cold, wet and windy winter months.

After this we collect our picnic lunch and take a short visit to a local fruit farm in Peasmarsh, home of the world famous Granny Smith Apple. Meet the farmer and if you behave he will give you an apple!

We then search for a quiet spot to have a picnic lunch in the countryside. Following on from this we take an adventure tour in a Landrover around the local farms and villages. Learn about how the area around the Farm was cultivated and take in the spectacular views.

We return to the Cottage and set up a delicious barbeque in the evening for all to enjoy.

This special week is available to everyone staying in the Cottage during September.


Bushcraft Week

Enjoy a day with Andrew, your Host on a Bushcraft adventure.

We head off into the countryside across the fields and along the small lanes around Stone. After collecting a pack lunch we pick a spot on the Farm and light a fire (without matches!) and cook a typical farmers traditional meal out in the open. Learn some bushcraft skills and as we enjoy together some of the countryside, looking out for wildlife, wild flowers, trees and some special birdwatching.  Another we will have an evening bbq on the farm. A great week to enjoy the great outdoors!


This trip may vary, we visit local farms and villages around the countryside and some wildlife tracking.

This special week is available to everyone staying in the Cottage during May, June or July

£850.00 May, June
£900.00 July

Windmill Week

theme_windmillThis week is all about bread, wheat, flour and some cakes!

Enjoy a day with the Host starting with a guided tour of the local Windmill in Stone. This is open just a few days every year but I have the key! Learn how the flour was milled in the local area. After this we collect our packed lunch and head off into the countryside for an arable adventure through local farms where the wheat is grown, stored and shipped out to the millers.

Then we head back to the Cottage to learn how to mill wheat into flour the old way by using a grind stone. We’ll make some simple bread and cakes ready for our evening barbeque around the fire.

This special week is available to everyone staying in the Cottage or Lodge during August with the possibility of seeing the “Harvesting of the Wheat” in the fields.


October: Pumpkins & Vegetables

theme_octoberThis week we learn how the old farmer used to keep warm in the Winter. An afternoon and evening spent with the Host begins with a trip to the garden to collect vegetables in season. We then take a short trip to the local store to collect some fresh bread and return back to the Cottage to cook a hearty meal. We can pick our own pumpkins from the cottage garden and make some soup over the open fire.

Homemade bread and a delicious dessert with some hot punch to round of the evening. During the evening you will learn to play some of the simple games which the farmer and his family played in the Cottage. No cheating please!

This special week is available to everyone staying in the Cottage during the first three weeks of October.


November: Bonfire & Fireworks

theme_novemberFinding Guido’ is a special quiz for the children and adults to tackle during the week, with a nice prize if you find him! Where has he gone? Hidden in the Church? Buried in the Bushes? or curled up in the loft of the Old Barn?

The Host will join you one afternoon during the week to build a bonfire on the Farm. We will make a Guy for the bonfire and enjoy some fireworks and sparklers for the children.

Hot Soup, burgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob and desserts all cooked for you to enjoy on the barbeque in the evening.

This special week is available to everyone staying in the Cottage during the first two weeks of November.


Game Season: Winter Warmer

theme_gameAn entire evening with the Host and the gamekeeper.

Freshly caught rabbit and pheasant will be cooked over the open fireplace with some fresh vegetables. Join in the fun and listen to old farmers tales in the deep mid winter. It may be cold outside in January and February, the wind may blow but inside the cottage around the fireplace we cook a hearty meal for all to enjoy.

This special week is available to everyone staying in the Cottage throughout January and February.


I would be delighted to discuss any of these tours in further detail with you and if you have any special requirements at all with regards to dates, times just let me know.